Online poker is one of those casino games that require a solid understanding of the rules and a basic set of strategies. The results are not based on the Random Number Generator (RNG) or just pure luck like the throw of the device. If you master the rules, understand the hand rankings, and use a strategy, you can improve your chances at the table. But don’t worry if you’re not yet a pro in real money poker games. Our quick guide below can get you started.

Online Poker – Basic Rules and Hand Rankings

Online poker is a name for several card-based games in which players’ hands are ranked by the cards they hold. You will find different variants of the game and most of these titles are playable at Twin Casino. They often vary in terms of the hand rankings used, the number of cards dealt, the number of hidden and shared cards, and the betting rounds.

Before you hit the free poker table, you’ll need to know first the hand rankings used in popular variants including Texas Hold’em Poker. In this game, the most important hand is the Royal Flush. It’s the top dog and features an ace, king, queen, jack, and a 10 in a single suit. This is followed by the Straight Flush, Four-of-a-Kind, and Full House. Next up in the ranking of hands are Flush, Straight, and Three-of-a-Kind. For a complete explanation of the general rules, check out the guide below.

Twin Casino Online Poker Games

Basic Poker Rules – How to play the game

In online poker, the challenge is to come up with the best hand when all cards are shown (showdown). Or, a player can win the poker round if he makes the last uncalled bet, thus earning a win without reaching the showdown. And before you can reach the showdown, there are several betting rounds and decisions that you’ll need to make in real money poker. At a particular round, a player can bet, fold, or call.

Hand Ranking in Online Poker

As mentioned, online poker is all about the hands, with the Royal Flush as your best bet. If you can’t get this, you still get a chance if you have the Straight Flush, Four-of-a-Kind, and a Full House. In a straight flush, you need to get five cards in sequence, in the same suit. The four-of-a-kind should be on the same rank. And the full house, on the other hand, requires three cards of the same rank, and the two cards of different and matching rank. So, if you have a straight flush and the other player gets a full house, you win your poker games online.

Popular Online Poker Versions

When you play poker online, you’ll find several variants that can provide lucrative potential payouts and entertainment. And most of these variants are playable at Twin Casino, a gaming platform supported by Evolution, Playson, and Relax Gaming among others. For more information about available online poker versions, check out the list below.

Twin Casino Online Poker Games

Texas Hold’em Poker

This is the most popular Twin Casino poker you can play today. In this online poker game, each player is dealt two cards and the dealer spreads five cards. Of these, three are spread at once, then another and another which can be used by the player to form the best hand. Before and after the reveal of each card, the online poker players take turns to bet.

Caribbean Stud Poker

This classic online poker game shares the rules with the five-card stud poker. Compared to other variants available at Twin Casino poker, you play against the house instead of the other players. In this game, you can’t deceive or bluff your way to a win.


This is a casino game that’s similar in style to your Texas Holdem poker online. In Omaha poker online, you’ll get four cards and you need to create the best hand using two cards, including three cards from the five community cards.

7-card Stud

This is a variant of stud poker where your goal is to win the pot. Again, you can win the game if you form the best hand using five cards. Also, this online poker game uses a ranking of hands with the five-of-a-kind as the most important.

Twin Casino Online Poker Games

Twin Casino Poker – Variations You Will Find at Twin Casino

For some of the best online poker titles, you can’t go wrong with Twin Casino. As a fully-licensed casino that works with top vendors like Evolution Gaming, this operator offers you a wide range of online poker real money games. To access the site’s collection of Twin Casino poker games, simply visit the site’s Lobby or use the search button. Listed below are some of the best online poker titles you can try now at Twin Casino.

Caribbean Stud Poker

This poker variant is available on the site and playable as in the free poker demo. To boost your gaming experience, this game offers a side bet 5+1 bonus. You win in this game if your five cards plus the dealer’s first face-up card can form a five-card poker hand of at least a three-of-kind.

Three Card Poker

You can expect a high-quality free online poker experience in this title from Evolution. Aside from the standard bets to play, this game also allows you to play two side bets: the Pair Plus and 6-Card Bonus. And if you get a Royal Flush, you collect a payout of 1000x your bet.

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

As the title suggests, this is based on the popular Texas Holdem Poker online game. It uses the same set of rules except that there’s no bet after the river card. And based on its name, you can also submit a bonus bet on top of the ante bet.

Other Popular Poker Games at Twin Casino

Aside from these popular titles, Twin Casino poker is also home to Tower of Power and Joker 3000. These are free online poker games too that allow you to test the games in the free demo.

Final Thoughts – Why Play Online Poker

Online poker may be challenging at first but it offers you an exciting way to play for lucrative prizes. And Twin Casino poker lets you enjoy this classic casino game in a fun and secure manner. As a customer of this site, you can play poker online against the house, with other players, or enjoy it in a live casino. Also, all Twin Casino poker games are playable across devices.